€urovisions update!!

For the occasion of the opening of Voices Outside the Echo Chamber: Questioning Myths, Facts and Framings of Migration, European Souvenirs will delve into recent footage and archival audio-visual material related to issues of migration and border control, revisited during

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“Many people think that life in Europe is a luxury. But this is not true.”

The international team showed us a video performance at the end of the firstday of the conference Translating Worlds. The artists touched comple issue of refugees and attitude to them in Europe. €urovisions Performance was created two years ago and

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€urovisions in Berlin

We have the pleasure to announce a new opportunity for €urovisions. This week in Berlin. TRANSLATING WORLDS Betahaus, Berlin, 19 – 21 November – #tw_15 Media make the world go round. The media play a key role in defining what

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Why Europe doesn’t make us dream: live cinema on migration and media representation

If we are already realizing that, in our society, monitoring processes using advanced technologies are closer to fact than science fiction, we can say that border control, as it exists in Mediterranean and southern Europe (but also in Eastern Europe

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€urovisions at preview of the 56th Venice Biennale 2015

Show & Workshop at Collegio Armeno. Venice in the opening of “REALISE & RESIST” The Resilience of Art in Liquid Crises. Art has always responded highly sensitively towards crisis. In recent years, crisis has relentlessly encompassed Europe and the whole

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€urovisions at Creative Commons Film Festival – Madrid

Los reconocidos artistas audiovisuales Farah Rahman (Holanda), Karol Rakowski (Polonia), Noriko Okaku (Inglaterra) y Malaventura (España) lanzan al aire la pregunta “¿Europa nos hace soñar?” a través de €urovisions, una obra enmarcada en el proyecto European Souvenirs. Tras un largo

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June 2014 – Tour in Spain

The last week we have maked this tour: – 6th June. €urovisions in Barcelona at Museo Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona in the Barcelona Creative Commons Festival. – 8th June. €urovisions screening and Q&A in Migrarte. Raval. Barcelona – 11th June.

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€urovisions in Eye Film Institute Netherlands

On 20 May, The artists of €urovisions (the new show of European Souvenirs) will perform in Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam. EYE is the Dutch centre for film culture and heritage, is dedicated to developing a vigorous film culture in

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