€urovisions at preview of the 56th Venice Biennale 2015

Show & Workshop at Collegio Armeno. Venice in the opening of “REALISE & RESIST” The Resilience of Art in Liquid Crises.

Art has always responded highly sensitively towards crisis. In recent years, crisis has relentlessly encompassed Europe and the whole planet and has deeply affected the social fabric of societies as well as individual concepts of life. It is in this context that the importance of artistic creation – especially the artists’ ability of critically and sensually re-imagining – emerges as a potent force. The project REALISE_The Resilience of Art in Liquid Crises (2014 – 2016) asks questions about how contemporary artists deal with the oscillating and omnipresent phenomenon: What aspects of crisis are reflected upon? What kind of ideas and alternative models of resistance towards crisis can be developed? How can art contribute to promote strategies of resilience? In what ways art and culture itself are in crisis? Is there something like Creative Crisis Intelligence?

You are cordially invited to the presentation of the REALISE project on the occasion of the preview of the 56th Venice Biennale 2015


wednesday. may 06
7pm / REALISE & RESIST – exhibition opening
9pm / €UROVISIONS – live cinema performance by the artistic collective “European Souvenirs” // open air

thursday. may 07
10am – 7pm / REALISE & RESIST – exhibition
3pm – 7pm / (RE)MIX : migration, media, representation & imageries – workshop by the artistic collective “European Souvenirs

Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphael / Palazzo Zenobio / Dorsoduro 2596 / Fondamenta Soccorso / 30123 Venice
Further information: www.realiseproject.eu (coming very soon – new website launch!)
All events are free of charge! – PDF programme


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